Painted hallway

Patching and Taping drywall/plaster cracks requires an expert or you may end up with a high spot in your wall. Our house painters will leave your wall looking perfectly finished.

We use correct types of primer for the type of surfaces we are covering.



1. Assessing the job

2. Site preparation

3. Surface preparation

4. Paint coat application

5. Final inspection


1. ASSESSING THE JOB: We first identify your substrate, determine which primer to use, and carefully inspect for any defects - each job and each customer is unique.

2. SITE PREPARATION: Covering floor, furniture, plants or shrubs with drop cloths.

3. SURFACE PREPARATION: Our extra preparation includes washing or cleaning, scraping, and sanding all lose paint. We then prime all the bare wood, repair any loose window caulking,  patch wood joints and fill cracks. Applying paint to a clean surface ensures a long lasting and better looking paint job.

4. PAINT COAT APPLICATION: Our experienced painters apply the specified number of finish coats with a roller, or paint brush. Yes! We use brushes and rollers instead of sprayers to insure  adequate coverage. The thicker the layer of paint, the longer the job will last.

5. FINAL INSPECTION: We carefully inspect the finished job with the customer to insure maximum customer satisfaction.